Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Foreclosure, new novel by Thunder Bay's Jacqueline D'Acre

What do murder, horses and Lila’s creole diner have in common? Head down to St. Tremaine Parish near New Orleans and find out. Meet Bryn Wiley, a mild equine writer, who discovers a show horse breeder facing financial ruin, foreclosure and far worse! Then the sheriff fingers a champion stallion as a killer…but Bryn believes otherwise! Wherever there are horses there are money, deception and powerful secrets. Can Bryn unmask the real murderer before the stallion gets a lethal injection? In the sultry Louisiana heat, she roams New Orleans seeking a slayer—in a desperate race to save the stallion. The story drips with sweat, Spanish moss, a voodoo queen, blooded horses and quirky Deep South characters. (great blurb, no?)

Charlie Wilkins adds, “…vivid and sultry and tumultuous…populated by a Mardi Gras of characters…in which the imagination is invited to get up and dance…”

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