Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, January 4, 2008

Food in Northern Ontario

Thunder Bay and Food – they seem to go together. Whenever I am away from the city for any length of time, I get a longing for Murillo bread, the heavy rye plus loaf thinly sliced and toasted. Growing up in Thunder Bay, I ate my Persians at McKinnon’s soda fountain on the corner of Algoma and Van Norman Street and had mushrooms and toast at the Flamingo Club (Meanwhile, the mickey of rye was hidden in my boy friend’s jacket pocket). My girlfriends and I devoured Stan and Si’s at the Arthur Café. My favourite breakfast was fried brook trout caught by my dad in Sunshine Creek.

Do you have a favourite northern Ontario food or eating place or food story. Send us your food memories. We’ll publish them all and throw your name in the hat for a fabulous cook book, Flavours of Thunder Bay by Tim Matthews illustrated with the photographs of Murray Metcalf. The Chocolate Citrus Mousse is to die for. We have two signed copies to give away.

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