Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rubby Slipperjack Writes Again

One of Thunder Bay's favourite authors has a new book out. Called Dog Tracks, this is novel about those who return to the reserve. An uprooted gal called Abby finds home and herself and along the way, the reader glimpses traditional and non-traditional life in a Northern Ontario reserve.

About five years ago, when I was teaching Canadian Literature at Confederation College, Slipperjack's first novel, Honour the Sun, was on the curriculum. It was by far the students' favourite and beat out The English Patient, Alice Munro (Moons of Jupiter), Margaret Atwood (Handmaid's Tale), The Jade Peony (Wayson Choy).

Dog tracks is listed as a Young Adult novel and arrives at the Northern Women's Bookshop, 65 S. Court St. just in time for Christmas.

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