Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Wonderful so to see so many people attending the readings around town. NOWW had a good crowd at the Brodie Library to hear Sharon Irvine read a poem as well as a hilarious short story. Great stories and book excerpts followed including an excerpt from Foreclosure by Jackie D'Acre.

Several people said Ivan Coyote is one of Canada's premier teller of tales. She was at the Northern Woman's Bookstore on Court St. November 28. On December 2, Erin Stewart and others presented poetry to an appreciative audience at the same bookshop. Erin took first prize in NOWW's 2008 poetry contest. Below a poem by Erin.

You left the same way
you coam, across a pathway
in my backyard.

Combatting insomnia
I'd rotate my bed to
face the window, set
my feet in the daylight
to distract my mourn

But waking now I see
a world ahead without you.

Owning more energy, I might
Leap out the window into
the bird-marked snow
where your last ones have disappeared

(Poem, Tracks, previously published in 807: A Northwestern Ontario Literary Review.)

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