Friday, May 22, 2009

Near to Nature's Heart by Jon Nelson

Quetico is celebrating it's 100th anniversary and Jon Nelson will be presenting a slide presentation to promote his new book "Quetico: Near to Nature's Heart"

Wed. June 17, 7 pm Waverley Auditorium.

Jon Nelson, a well known naturalist, is familiar to many Thunder Bayers through his articles in the Chronicle Journal

The area that became Quetico Park in northwestern Ontario celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2009. Long recognized as a gem among parks, Quetico contains some of the largest stands of old-growth red and white pine in Canada, as well as a diversity of fascinating lichens, carnivorous plants in specialized habitats, and many species of orchids.

Jon Nelson presents an insightful look into Quetico’s natural history as he examines the adaptations that have allowed moose, whitetailed deer, wolves, and other mammals to survive.

The human history of the park is also explored, beginning with the Ojibwa living there when the area was designated as a park, followed by accounts of trappers, loggers, miners, park rangers,and poachers.

Beginning with the retreat of the glaciers, the author combines his thorough research into Quetico’s long and varied history with the threads of his own extensive involvement with the park. The result is a splendid tribute to a very special place!

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