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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Saturday Night and Northwestern Ontario Writers Celebrate

Writing Contest Winners:

120 writers from British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec submitted a total of 229 entries to make NOWW's 11th Annual Writing Contest the most successful contest yet. The winners were announced Saturday, May 9 at the annual NOWW get together.

The winning entries (writers' home towns appear in parentheses) are:

1st - South-Facing Window by Mary Frost (Thunder Bay)
2nd - Three Poems by Clay Breiland (Thunder Bay)
3rd - Five Poems by Marianne Jones (Thunder Bay)

1st - Away from Yourself by Mike Bryan (Thunder Bay)
2nd - Minotaur by Roy Blomstrom (Thunder Bay)
3rd - Unhooked by Mike Bryan

1st - Ella by Heather McLeod (Thunder Bay)
2nd - Rite of Passage by David Welby (Thunder Bay)
3rd - Once Upon a Shoe by Sharon Irvine (Thunder Bay)

Children's Story
1st - The Wild Flowers of Bugwander by John Pringle (Atikokan)
2nd - Wilbur's Favourite Plant by John Pringle
3rd - The Goaltender by Jim Foulds (Thunder Bay)

Flash Fiction
1st - Shimmer by Mike Bryan
2nd - The Missing Piece by Amy Louise Ells (North Bay)
3rd - Night Terrors by Sue Blott (Thunder Bay)

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