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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Haiku Contest Winners

Summer of 2009 and a haiku contest sponsored by the Thunder Bay International Fine Arts Association. Here are the winning haiku. Congratulations to the winners.
First Place: Brian Philips
Loons call hauntingly
Dark shadows cross pinked waters
Lakeland dusk descends

Second Place: Vernon Hunt
Bitter morning frost
Biting at autumn flowers
Petals softly fall

Third Place: Donna Paterson
Up soars the balloon
On high to that Netherland ---
Where joy ropes the clouds

Honorable Mention:

Marianne De Crescenzo
What sky filled with diamonds
Above the young reeds in pond
In their dark, still place

Nobu Harada
Morning rain
Issei left all wishes
On butterburs

Krystyna Hardiejowski
A bird flying high
Breaking the dawn’s bleak silence
For all those who dream

Harvey Jenkins
Evening falconry
Shadow settles on my arm
Then rides the dark sky

Marissa Kuper
A warm summer breeze
Lifting up your skirt to show…
Strawberry panties

Kelly Lamanes
Eternal hunger
Let’s fire up the barbeque
Honey garlic ribs

Shoji Matsumoto
Lightning after lightning –
A slide show à la monochrome
With thunders as BGM

Kyoko Oyakawa
Wondering myself
Will my son see the same moon
When tomorrow comes

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