Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters

Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters
by Jean Pendziwol

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing
Elvis, Joan M. Baril, customer poet Rob Lem

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Short Interview with Hazel Fulford

Joan. A new book, a book of short stories called Wabigoon Burning and Other Stories. What made you chose Wabigoon as your theme?

Hazel. Oh, oh. Must a short story collection have a theme? This one doesn't. It is made up of fiction (Part One) and non fiction (Part Two) published in various places over the years. Two new stories, recently completed, are exceptions. I chose Wabigoon Burning as the title story because it makes a neat title. However, I did grow up in Wabigoon, and that place, as it was then, does creep into the settings of several of my stories

Joan. Interesting structure, a fiction/non-fiction split.Does Wabigoon burn?

Hazel: Part of it burned all one night in 1930. Passing train crews saw the blaze, and soon telegraph operators were sending Morse messages up and down the line:"Wabigoon Burning, Wabigoon Burning.." Villagers worked all night to save the General Store that stood next to a burning hotel. This is a true story but I gave it a fictional ending.

Joan:Anything else you would like to say about the book?

Hazel: The locale ranges from the wilds of Northwestern Ontario to the deserts of Arizona. The characters are children, retirees, and the aged. A few characters, in one story, are nice people who are gradually led into a life of crime..

Joan: You have been writing the northwestern Ontario scene for some time. Anything other projects on your plate?

Hazel: This collection was to have been my swan song However, one more idea has entered the picture as a maybe - still in the embryo stage.

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