Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Submit to Squeeze Zine

SQUEEZE Zine ~ Submission Guidelines:

SQUEEZE is a Zine supported by Definitely Superior Art Gallery.

We welcome contributions from throughout the region of Northwestern Ontario

With new OAC funding, submissions accepted by SQUEEZE will now be paid a professional artist fee.

Like other Zines, SQUEEZE Zine is a less formal/more casual publication, put together with less editing work than books/magazines, and is printed with a black & white inside and a glossy colour cover.

SQUEEZE Zine is especially unique/interesting, because the artists in the SQEEZE Zine collective create the publication, from submissions they’ve selected in whatever form that they arrived, cutting/pasting/collaging them together literally by hand rather than computer.

SQUEEZE Zine covers a broad range of topics, from contemporary to experimental writing including: poetry, short prose -fiction/non-fiction (not historical non-fiction), ephemera, social theory, short graphic works/novels, visual art (stand alone or combined with writing, e.g. art+design/comics/photography/drawing/illustration etc.), and content far enough outside of the mainstream to be prohibitive of inclusion in more traditional media.

If you would like to further consider SQUEEZE’s editorial focus before submitting, you’re invited to review a past issue at the gallery.

Submission Requirements:
No more than 4 submissions, with author name on each submission, and a total submission length of no more than 4 pages. Each submission should be no more than 2 pages.
When meeting page length guidelines, please note SQUEEZE PAGES ARE SMALLER THAN STANDARD, SO SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE FORMATTED so that the text and/or visual art itself is no more than 6” wide and 7.5” high on one page, with 10 pt. minimum font. (TO ENSURE FIT: CHANGE YOUR PAPER SIZE to 8.5 in. high and 7 in. wide, with minimum 0.5 in. margins.)

Email submissions must be submitted as an attachment, saved in Rich Text Format. All visual art should, either be emailed to us in jpeg format, or dropped off/mailed to gallery.

Squeeze Zine is not copyedited, which means that submissions are not edited, and the form in which submission document(s) arrive is likely same way that they would appear on a page within the body of the Zine. Thus, the person submitting is responsible for their submission’s legibility/spelling/grammar. Handwritten/drawn submissions are accepted but must be legible and fit the paper size (see 2.).

Include, in the body of your email (or on a separate page if submitting by hard copy), YOUR FULL CONTACT INFO (i.e. your name, mailing address, email address & phone number), a LIST OF TITLES FOR ALL SUBMITTED WORKS, and information about your RESIDENCY in Northwestern Ontario (see submission eligibility above).

How to submit: to: [*each gallery publication has its own email, please do not combine submissions for different publications into the same email*]

...or drop off at: Definitely Superior Art Gallery (open Tues-Sat/12-6pm),

...or mail to: Definitely Superior Art Gallery, 250 Park Ave, Suite 101, PO Box 21015, Thunder Bay, ON; P7A 8A9. [*no submissions by facebook please*]

Please address your submission to: ATTN: Rick Fedorick, Editor, SQUEEZE Zine

The deadline is Sat. Dec. 12/09.

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