Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canada Reads : The Thunder Bay Debate on CBC

The Thunder Bay version of Canada Reads, "Talkin' 'bout my Generation", will air in five segments from Monday March 1 - 5 at 7:40 am on CBQ radio.

Our three readers represent three generations: baby boomers, gen x, and gen y. The inspiration for our panel is Douglas Coupland's Generation X.

Do certain books appeal to certain age groups? We'll explore the ability of books to appeal across generations as our panelists discuss each of this year's Canada Reads books and answer the central question: does this book speak to you?

And the panelists are: ROBERT PERRIER is absolutely thrilled to be a part of this year's CBC Northwest panel for Canada Reads. As the 'Gen Y' representative, he is hopeful that his optimistic outlook, incessant craving for all things digital, and 'me'-world perspective will lend itself well to a generational discussion on the five Canada Reads novels. His only slight disappointment was to learn that his bag of books did not contain digital copies for upload to his Kindle.

An avid and eclectic reader, some of Robert's favourite writers and poets include John Steinbeck, Louis De Bernieres, Toni Morrison, Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and Zadie Smith.

JANINE CHIASSEN After staying home to parent for many years, Janine recently returned to school to put her English and History degrees to good use by certifying as a teacher. A voracious reader, she is a long-time member of the Old Lady Book Club, an enthusiastic supporter of the Thunder Bay Public Library, and a promoter of active living, particularly in her role as board member of Thunder Bay Nordic Trails. Janine is a Gen Xer. She is thrilled to be joining the NWO Canada Reads panel and hopes not to offend or otherwise frighten her fellow readers (panelists?). Let the championing begin!

ELIZABETH WORKMAN I am definitely a baby boomer. I attended Fort William Collegiate, received a B.A. in English from Queen's, then an Honours Degree in English from Lakehead University. I began teaching English at age 21. I like to camp, travel, read, and spend time with our grandson, Max. I am happy to be included in a couple of book clubs.

Having spent my entire career encouraging people to read, I am an enthusiastic supporter of Canada Reads. Well done, CBC, Thunder Bay, for organizing the panel of readers to discuss five novels. Hopefullly, it will inspire others to pick up books, especially Canadian novels, and immerse themselves in marvellous worlds of the imagination.

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