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Monday, February 8, 2010

San Francisco Writers Conference

A dozen editors, two dozen plus agents, a dizzying array of workshops, an opportunity to read one's work, displays and books stores and a special coffee house, the wonderfully named Cafe Ferlinghetti. My head is spinning trying to make decisions. Should I read a bit of my novel and if so which bit? Which editors should I target for a pitch of said novels? I have many days to decide.

I intend to pick up workshops on marketing and publicity but I am most interested in hearing about literary and historical fiction.

Co-founded by agents Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen, the conference, now in its seventh season, has been a magnet for writers and would-be writers to meet, learn and find the motivation to keep going.

So the invocation is most fitting to the purpose.

The Muse is my shepherd,
I shall not want for words.
She makes me lie down with greenbacks that flow from big contracts;
She restores my self-esteem.
She leads me in paths of rhyme and right phrasing
For her arts’ sake.

Yea, even though I stumble over stones of shame and self-contempt,
I fear no writers’ blocks.
For Thou are with me;
Thy words and phrases, they comfort me.

Surely verbs and verses shall follow me all the days of my life
And my books will be bestsellers forever.

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