Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Romancing the Novel

Her are a few tips about writing the big romance novel. I believe they apply to other genres as well. They were supplied by Susan Wiggs (author of The Summer Hideway) during her workshop at the 2010 San Francisco Writers Conference.

Readers want
...a rich involving read, something juicy.
...a bonding experience with like minded readers
...characters they can relate to and understand
...current issues, maybe ripped from the headlines of dilemmas women face every day. exciting or compelling setting that sweeps the reader to a different place or time
...conflict that inspires debate or discussion in the reading group
...moral dilemmas that spark conversation
...a powerful love story with lots of passion on the page
...emotional situations that mime our own emotions territory, recipes, or other shared activities
...issues - parenting, infertility, again parents, substance abuse, medical problems, violence. Real problems that people care about.

Romance novels are the best selling genre and are read mainly by women. Like all genres, they run from well written to clunky. Most are light reading, summer stuff . I have a fondness for the historicals. If you are a romance reader, check our Susan Wiggs. Light and fluffy and fun - OK so it's not Wolf Hall or The Golden Mean, but there is lots of room in the reading world for a fun read.

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