Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peter Fergus Moore's New Novel, Lady Luck Smiles Only Once.

Peter Fergus-Moore is delighted to announce that Lady Luck Smiles Only Once, the sequel to The Demon Dragonfly & the Burning Wheel, is going to press shortly, and will be available for pre-launch sales in July.

Lady Luck Smiles Only Once brings back the seedy, down-in-the-heels gumshoe Laurence Speke in 1937 Port Arthur. He's still struggling to make ends meet, but he's getting tired of the straddling the line between the underworld and the law. Just when he thinks things have calmed down somewhat, a dame barges into his life: a dame who seems to know more about him than he does himself. What's more, she has the same last name! Then, a knock at his office door is followed by a hail of submachine gun bullets. Are his old adversaries, the Nazis, back in Port Arthur and up to their tricks? And why are ships sinking in Lake Superior in calm weather?

Laurence Speke is up to his neck in another adventure, set in the watery wilderness of Lake Superior. He's savvy, he's tough, but even he can't walk on water. Or can he?

Lady Luck Smiles Only Once can be ordered by contacting Peter Fergus-Moore at 767-4220 or . Stay tuned.

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