Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ontario Arts Council Grant for Northern Writers

The Ontario Arts Council  has once again added an extra deadline to the Writers' Works in Progress program exclusively for writers in Northern Ontario. The new deadline was created to increase the number of applications from English-language writers who live and work in Ontario's northern regions.

The deadline is December 3, 2010.

Marilyn McIntosh, Ontario Arts Council representative in Thunder Bay

PLEASE NOTE: Writers who applied for the June 15th 2010 regular WIP deadline ARE ELIGIBLE to apply for the Northern deadline. Northern writers who have already sent an application for the October 15th deadline may ask to have their application transferred to the Northern competition. Writers may not have an application in both the October 15th and December 3rd deadlines.

The additional deadline in this program hopes to address some of the particular challenges we've heard from Northern writers:
· higher costs for equipment, training, materials and travel;
- limited access to non-governmental sources of revenue and fewer opportunities for professional development; and
-networking with a community of writers and publishers.

* Only professional writers from the Northeast, Northwest and Far North regions are eligible to apply to this deadline. Please see the Northern Competition Guidelines  for applications, guidelines and program specific information, including the Literature Office's definition of "professional" writers.

* Only English-language applications will accepted for this program. Deadline: December 3, 2010

Decisions will be made, and cheques awarded before the end of March 2011.

About the Writers' Works in Progress

The Ontario Arts Council's Writers' Works in Progress  program (WIP) is the literature office's large "buying-time" grant to professional writers engaged in a book-length literary project. Over the years, the WIP program has supported many established and emerging Ontario writers, and has been the financial foundation for many a published book.

Please spread the word about this dedicated deadline to English-language writers you know living and working in Ontario's North.

For more information

· Helen Floros, Literature Program Assistant, 416-969-7440, toll free 1-800-387-0058 ext. 7440,

· John Degen, Literature Officer, 416-969-7438,

toll free 1-800-387-0058 ext. 7438,

 Marilyn McIntosh, Northwestern Consultant,

toll free 1-866-391-2221,

 Gouled Hassan, Northeastern Consultant,

toll free 1-877-265-8842,

* Learn more about OAC Literature Programs

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