Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cool Water, a Warm-Hearted Novel.

At last, a good book.  Dianne Warren's Governor General Award winning novel, Cool Water, is the answer to a cold Thunder Bay winter day.  In the small town of Juliet in Saskatchewan live several ordinary Canadians with out-of-the-ordinary lives.  The bride is pregnant, the young farmer wonders about his birth mother, the estranged grandmother makes up with her daughter, buys the kids a horse and then loses the animal, the cafe owner suspects her cowboy husband of having an affair, the bank manager hates to foreclose on the young family, the mother of six can barely get the day together, the abusive father breeds an abusive child, the young farmer recreates a legendary 100 mile ride.

The reader is drawn in as the author skillfully weaves her stories against a back ground of prairie sky and prairie small town reality. But beware! I stayed up until four to finish this novel and you may end up doing the same.  You know these people, you've met them all and you care. David Bergan says Dianne Warren reminds him of Carol Shields.  A good comment and a great choice for a  GG.

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