Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Monday, January 10, 2011

Paul Shaffer's Memoir

Paul Shaffer's memoir We’ll be Here for the Rest of Our Lives.  I enjoyed this book very much.  The tone is peppy all the way, rocking along like high energy music. You can almost dance to this book.  
Little Paul grew up in the Thunder Bay.  Both his father, a local lawyer, and his mother loved popular music and Little Paul was soon improvising on the piano.  He played in local dance bands before the big move to Toronto where, instead of studying to get into law school, he was hanging out at the scene.  Eventually came the move to New York where Paul, (not a fan of the outdoors or the northern bush) feels right at home.  Paul has had a long and varied musical career even before he became the music director on the Letterman show. 
 Paul is not only in love with music, (blues, rock, jazz), he hero-worships the musicians who create it.  Paul gets wildly excited when he meets his favourite players.  He is the fan of fans.  Of course there is a lot of name dropping, so many on each page, you practically have to open an umbrella to avoid being hit by flying celebs.  I loved it. 

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