Winner of 2017 Giller Prize

Winner of 2017 Giller Prize
Michael Redhill for his novel Bellevue Square

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heart of the Matter

Local novelist and columnist, Peter Fergus-Moore tells us about his new e-book The Heart of the Matter. which contains some very  interesting  true stories.  Fergus-Moore is taking advantage of the new way to sell books.  The reader gets a free preview and then can pay a pittance ($6.99) for a download.  No paper,  Of course, the download works  best if you have an e reader and soon we all will be carrying one around, perhaps hanging them from our necks in cute pouches, or swinging them from the wrist. Men's suits will come with e reader pockets inside the jackets etc and etc.

Hi Joan ,

I have just published by new ebook, The Heart of the Matter: Adventures in Spirituality, with Smashwords. It is available at .

Here's the blurb for those who are curious: "The Heart of the Matter looks at the holy in the ordinary. Read of such wonders as the Hungarian traveler who brought Tibetan Buddhism to the rest of the world; the woman nearly blinded as a young girl by attacking dogs, yet who adopts retired greyhounds in her adulthood; the Vietnamese refugee who found his spiritual home and vocation in a Canadian Benedictine monastery, and much more. "

It is a "best of" collection of my columns for Thunder Bay Seniors over the last 8 years. For those who want to check it out before buying, 25% of the book is available for free download. Price for
full edition: $6.99 USD.
Peter Fergus-Moore

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