Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Want to Be Left Behind

I Want to Be Left Behind
By Joan Baril

In Florida, a billboard warned the end of the world would occur next month. It said, THE END TIMES!! MAY 12, 2011. ARE YOUR READY?

I was surprised. I thought we had another year.

A couple of years ago, I attended a writers’ convention at a state park in rural Georgia. Any participant could offer a workshop by listing the topic on a flip chart. I gave my memoir presentation on the Economic History of the Family. About fifteen people showed up. But the workshop on the End Times attracted everyone. I decided to listen in even though I knew it would be a struggle to keep a straight face.

The presenter, a young woman introduced as an astrological expert, stated the big day would arrive in 2012. May 12 to be exact. On the other hand, the apocalypse might occur on Blue Jay’s birthday which falls on December 25, 2012. So if we miss the first, we may get hit later.

Who is Blue Jay? I have no idea. When I am in the United States, I never argue or disagree. I just listen. You have to remember that many of them are armed. So, at this workshop, held in the rustic lodge of the Georgia State Park, I sat at the back and took notes.

The astrological expert began. The message that keeps coming to me is this. It will be a time of purging, cleansing, healing, of apocalyptic, emanating power. A trickster time, a shamatic journey.

Conflictive agents are coming down. Pluto has moved into Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of wise elders. Uranus is moving into Aries. Aries represents fire, change, violence, revolutionary moments. Pluto brings transformation.

The entire room nodded in agreement. No one left in disgust. I felt a bit conflictive myself deciding whether to stay or go for a swim, but I elected to hang in even if the Carlos Castaneda language put me into a stupor.

Bigger sun spots will cause problems with polarity. The earth will have no polarity so the earth will shift. The polar ice caps are melting. Chaos is happening in Indonesia, the Philippines.

A polar shift will occur with 30 hours of darkness and everything will be perfectly still. People will descend; they will transcend because our sense of electricity or magnetism will shift,

Without magnetism, we’ll walk above the earth. Horrible destruction will ensue, a very sad, scary time.

The leader’s voice rose. How are you going to handle the energy?

No one moved.

This may be operative! she went on. We can change the world. Whenever we do something to heal ourselves, that changes the earth. Applause ensued.

Any questions or comments? she asked.

The earth is just trying to heal itself, said one participant.

We must find ways to build the bridges! What you don’t resist, persists, said another.

I think Obama can learn from this. A young woman stood up and addressed the group. This may change the direction of our country. Everyone clapped.

The last comment was operative for me. I went for a swim.

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