Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anguti's Amulet

Award winning Anguti's Amulet, illustrated by Thunder Bay's Cynthia Colosimo continues to pick up rave reviews. This was sent from the PEI Guardian.

"Anguti's Amulet" is a collective creation by The Central Coast of Labrador Archaeology Partnership, translated (from Inuktitut to English or vice versa?) by Sophie Tuglavina, and illustrated by Cynthia
Colosimo, distributed by Flanker in St. John's, at $14.95.

Although "Anguti's Amulet" is a "made-up" story, as children used to say, it is firmly based on what Inuit elders in that region remember directly or from others and on some of the discoveries in the ruins of three early eighteenth-century Inuit houses. The second part of the book, in fact, consists of a detailed description of these houses, their outbuildings, their surroundings, and some of the artifacts found in and
around them. This part of the book will appeal to all ages up to one

Apart from the many fine photographs and drawings, this section has an unique feature: a number of the artifacts illustrated appear in the pictures accompanying the story; the reader is asked to find which one
each is in. This makes "Anguti's Amulet" a valuable teaching tool in yet another way.

The story itself is straightforward and sometimes suspenseful, but it's the book's other features that make it memorable.

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