Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chandra resigns

Chandra Mayor, our e writer in residence, has resigned for personal reasons. Once more NOWW will be searching for someone to fill the position.  Chandra had barely begun work as our e writer in residence.  She was a great choice for the post. Chandra is a writer, teacher and a poet who has won many awards including the Carol Sheilds Book Award.  Her web site gives good advice to writers.


Telling the truth is harder than telling lies. Which makes writing hard work. But it's also what makes it resonate, makes it mean something to the person who reads it. Writing is exhibitionism. Writing is dragging something out of you, kicking and screaming. Writing is also craft, which is only achieved through pure drudgery. At the end of it all, someone says, "you spoke to me," and it's all worth it.

Read as much as possible. Find other writers, find community - go to classes, readings, workshops, open mics. Keep reaching for that perfect word, phrase, line - something unique and true. Don't give up.

More on Chandra at  Good luck Chandra,  from Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario.  We're sorry you feel you cannot take the job but maybe one day you can pay us a visit, read us some of that award winning poetry.

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