Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Emerson Street Press

New in Thunder Bay, a publishing house!  Emerson Street Press.  Hot from their web site comes the following information about their first book, Take No Prisoners by Mark Achtenberg

Mark is extremely well versed in teaching scriptwriting and uses this experience, along with his expertise in film history, to create an entertaining and useful book for anyone who is interested in the craft of scriptwriting, or wishes to better understand the importance of the script in modern filmmaking.

Mark is a writer, director, and actor who teaches at the Film Program at Humber College. He was also the recipient of the Screenwriter's Mentorship Program for the Toronto International Film Festival in 2002.

Here's what Mark has to say about his book:

Mark Achtenberg
Mark describes his book. "Take No Prisoners, has been written with the intent of getting back to basics of film writing. For those who don't know the basics, it will be a guide that will introduce you to the world of writing for the movies. If you are a veteran writer of screenplays it will still be a great read and will re-enforce and simplify what you already know and practice. It is a collection of anecdotes, experiences and criticism that I hope will challenge the older writer and inspire the new.

It is also based on my own unique experience in the film and television industry."

Emmerson Street is interested in publishing literary fiction.  Submission guidelines are on their web site at

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