Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters

Launch of The Lighkeeper's Daughters
by Jean Pendziwol

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing

Elvis the Mountie Dog Steals the Show at the Book Signing
Elvis, Joan M. Baril, customer poet Rob Lem

Monday, May 30, 2011

Stand Back - Poetry Exploding

The new book of poems by Martin B. Hicks, In the Realm of Fantasy: Poems Mainly Narrative, combines traditional poetic forms with contemporary context.

Rife with Hick’s clever illustrations, word play, puns, cryptograms, running comments, puzzles and other intricacies, the poet has also added a how-to essay on the writing of poetry.

In the Realm of Fantasy anything can happen and frequently does. You’ll encounter a wide assortment of characters pursuing their usual/unusual occupations inside a highly controversial castle and its lowly village.

Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is not coincidental.

Glossed over with picturesque details, suffused with corrosive cynicism, randomly appear in chronic-non-logical order such sundry types as a do-nothing king, a hands-on inquisitor, an academic Bluebeard, an earthy gravedigger and an aerial hairstylist, among others.

Throw into the mix a midnight baker, flowery diction and the result it is good read. One where the royal line is preserved.

The book will sell for $24 shekels. Look for it in the local book stores in about three weeks.

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