Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Monday, June 20, 2011

Margaret Weighs in with Summer Reading Pics

A letter from the founder of the Northern Woman's Bookstore.
Hi Joan:  A few scattered thoughts for easy summer reading:

Two biographies I like: A LEGACY OF LOVE: Remembering Muriel Duckworth, Her Later Years is a gentle telling of this remarkable woman's enduring spirit and her continued advocacy for peace, feminism and social justice even in her elder years, (Muriel died at age 100 in 2009).

Activist, Muriel Duckworth

Many biographies have been written about L.M. Montgomery but by far the best that I have read is Jane Urquhart's contribution to the Penguin Extraordinary Canadians series. Urquhart focuses on Montgomery's writing and the influences on her work, not just on Montgomery's difficult personal life (which so many other bios have overly dwelt on).
More books, read on...
Some novels to consider would be MEAN BOY, by Lynn Coady... not a new book but one which gave me lots of laughs.

Or try THE SURVIVOR OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD by Thunder Bay's Joan Skelton..... an intriguing, thought -provoking novel. And I plan to re-read JUMP by Marianne Ackerman... an insightful and witty book.

For mystery fans, if you haven't already you must read Gail Bowen... Bowen's written eight or ten Joanne Kilborn mysteries, some of which have been made into TV movies. Bowen, along with other Canadian authors has also written for Orca"s "Rapid Reads" endeavour providing interesting, action-based mysteries in an easy to read format

if other gems come to mind I'll send them on next week.... see you, Margaret.

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