Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, July 8, 2011

In the Realm of Fantasy: Poems Mainly Narrative

Thunder Bay poet Martin Hicks' latest book, In the Realm of Fantasy, presents a panorama of medieval and modern characters ranging from the bored chamber maid to  the above-it-all village idiot.  But it is Hicks' dark sense of fun which  turns this collection into a compilation of wonder and wonderful.

Working inside classical forms, Hicks' sly word play, puns, video-game rhythms, double entendres, classical allusions, twists and double twists leave the reader smiling and gasping in delight as he presents his characters grappling with  the great themes: life, death, art and the passage of time.  A second and a third reading reveal new innuendos, new references missed the first time out.

Adding to the pleasure, an essay describes the architecture of the book, an outline of  his poetic philosophy and pertinent  advice for budding poets.

He writes: "Archaic words are juxtaposed beside modern ones to shock the reader into a fresh appreciation  of language after media advertising has devalued what was once rich currency."

It worked for me.

In the Realm of Fantasy is available at Books and More and The Book Shelf on May Street.

For a sample of a poem about poetry read on:
The New Wave
Inflated praise makes writer's ego waken
Until he mounts steep steps to fetch his Pride,
But sadly, learns unwitting grasp has taken
And wedged book tight in sill upon spine side.

How carelessly about text curtains billow
Embroidered as false critics' loose acclaim!
Apart from bedside stand and puffy pillow
Posterity will never read the same.

Yet sometimes Art abused is needed most
In such pretentious Time turns twist most fair,
For after years of bunk and language lost
Use finally cleanses room and wafts fresh air!

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