Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rocket Fish for adults.

Trying to Blog with a new knee.  A bend in the bionic.  The joint starts jumping and not in a good way either.  Fingers fly, sending typos flitting here and there,  Blogger swears and not for the first time.  Then you find, deep in the unread e mails,  a note from award-winning writer and illustrator, Duncan Weller.  Oh no!  Late but here it is.  Sorry Duncan.  Wish I could go and see the show but I can only  get as far as the front door.  But What a great idea all round.  I wish you every success.   And big big congrats on the Chalmer's Fellowship Award.

Hello Joan!
You are invited to Rocket Fish! This is an art show with a book launch. The opening for the art show and launch for the book of short stories for adults, Rocket Fish, will take place at 7pm Friday, December 9, at Folino's Superette on Algoma (next to Red Earth and the Bean Fiend). The show will be ongoing through December.
Duncan is also using the night to celebrate receiving the Chalmer's Fellowship Award of $15,000.00 to do research in Africa for one of his children's picture books, Tiger Dream. A few images from this book will be at the show.
Hope to see you there!

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