Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, March 9, 2012

Poem by Jane Crossman at Marina Park

Go for a walk, view the lake and read a poem.  What a concept.  How nice to have some of Thunder Bay's best writers as part of the new works of art in the refurbished Marina Park.  Below is the poem by Thunder Bay writer Jane Crossman which can be found on a short stroll along the Sleeping Giant Parkway.

First Sighting
I’ve travelled on foot
from the west
days, weeks, months
over mountains
across plains
through forests
until this sea,
surely a sea
so vast, so extraordinary,
stalls my forward trek.

I shall rest here for a day, a season,
perhaps forever.

~Jane Crossman
Location: Sleeping Giant Parkway

Jane Crossman


  1. Just saw this poem Sunday, 9/21/14 on the walk. In TB to run the marathon. Especially love the lines "until this sea, surely a sea..." as it conveys Lake Superior's majesty so well and so succinctly. Jotted it down and came home to look up the poet. Please pass along my appreciation if you can.
    Amy Yanni
    Ft. Myers, FL

  2. While my husband and I were walking through the park, I came upon this lovely poem. I took a picture of it as a remembrance and to look up who this wonderful poet was! I love Lake Superior and Ms. Crossman has captured my feelings for it so well. Thank you!