Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Money, Money, Money

Wealth Secrets, is a play about the dysfunctional world of investments. The play, written by Ahti Tolvanen and performed by a cast of Thunder Bay actors, is off to the Hamilton Fringe Festival where seven performances will be given at the Citadel Theatre July 19 - 28.

I had the happy opportunity to sit in on the dress rehearsal last Tuesday.  The play swings between Sierra Leon, where diamond terrorists kill for money and Canada where the diamond stocks are sold. 

Art Towen, played by Dennis Dubinsky, manages a successful investment company but he runs into opposition when he encourages his clients to buy ethical investments.  His associate, Horatio Chalmers, played by Uko Abara, discovers some investments deal with blood diamonds.

Actor Ukp Abara plays Horatio Chalmers, investment associate, who discovers the firm is selling stocks in Blood Diamonds

But head office does not want to look too closely into the connections between investments and human rights, environmental  and tobacco issues even though many clients are interested.

As one manager says "This ethical stuff is all well and good.  But if we want to help them and ourselves we need to be focused on returns."  A lively musical number emphasizes the point as the bosses, played by Aaron Proud and Graeme Thacker, and other players wittily sing and dance their point of view.

The players at rehearsal at the Unitarian Church. Ahti Tolvanen, Riita Uusitalo, Dennis Dubinsky and production manager, Heather Stowell.

At rehearsal, the bosses played by Graeme Thacker and Aaron Proud hand a letter of termination to Art, played by Dennis Dubinsky.

In spite of the grim topic this is a very humorous play. I could hear the chuckles from the rehearsal audience.   The cast, rounded out by Dixie Aduno and Martti Ahonen, give meaningful performances.  Hamilton is in for a treat.

Watch this blog for info on  the Thunder Bay performance.

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