Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, August 16, 2012

E Books Rule.

Along with the news that E books are outselling paper books comes the amazing Kobo success.  The Kobo Touch e-Reader went on sale on July 19th in Japan and it seems as though over 100,000 e-readers have been sold.  I also saw big front and centre displays of Kobo in London England at the major book stores such as the famous Hatchards Picadilly. Fiction,  led by romance novels, are leading e book sales and I believe it is no coincidence that a fem-porn such as Fifty Shades of Gray has become a viral seller.  Women who would never buy such a book at their local book sellers (and where would you hide it at home?) are not afraid to download it to their e reader and tuck it in their purse (or under the pillow).  Fem porn is on the move, all because of technology. Stay tuned for a wave of new title following the trend.

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