Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nell Harding, a new Thunder Bay writer

Nell writes, Dear Joan

Nell Harding is my nom de plume, and I am a Thunder Bay native who lived in town until I left for university and still return yearly to visit family. I have started writing a series of light romance novels and romantic comedies based around the world (the series is Harding's World of Romance - nothing graphic or steamy) with a strong destination theme, having worked abroad in a variety of positions from wildlife biologist in africa to humanitarian worker to grape picker to luxury guide for bicycle tours in Europe and Asia... all excellent settings for the genre. So far I have published 4 ebooks for Amazon kindle, all available on The third one is actually set in Thunder Bay, which is why I suddenly thought of contacting Thunder Bay.

 The book in question is "North of Superior" by Nell Harding, on and available for free download as part of a promotion from the 27th of September to the first of October. (The other three are "Love for Water", about a humanitarain in Darfur, "Fire and Ice" (a romantic comedy) about a chalet hostess in the Swiss Alps, and "One Short Harvest" set in Burgandy during the grape harvest. Two more are ready to come out this autumn but are waiting for a decision from an editor in London.

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