Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Scoop, my story in Room Magazine.

"The Scoop" is not my story.  It is the story of all those children scooped up and taken to residential schools.  And it is the story of communities without children.   I wrote "The Scoop" after listening to a friend tell me what happened to her.

"The Scoop" will appear in the Fall issue of Room Magazine which should be on the newsstands in two weeks.

The editor wrote in the intoduction  "Joan Baril’s creative non-fiction piece further illustrates government-sanctioned discrimination and racialization. Written from the perspective of Anishinabe child, “The Scoop, 1955” narrates a loss of epic proportions as it recollects the Canadian government’s sanctioned removal of some 150,000 Aboriginal children from their homes to residential schools."

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