Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Signing

Book Signing at Chapters by local author Jacqueline D'Acre
 Here is your chance to get this acclaimed mystery story set in New Orleans.
Sat., Oct., 20th at 2 PM
Hereon follows a titallating titbit from Foreclosure by Jacqueline D'Acre
May 23, 2:12 PM
My Tempo hummed across the Causeway over Lake Pontchartrain. At twenty-four miles in length, it was the world’s longest bridge. It linked the Northshore hamlets of St. Tremaine Parish with New Orleans. I enjoyed the drive, and so did Lulu. She sat up in the backseat like a chauffeured princess. Today the shallow lake was a choppy tea brown with beige whitecaps. Loaded with chicken-wire crab traps, a turquoise boat wrestled with the waves. The boat’s sole occupant, a professional crabber, hauled up traps. I saw blue crabs writhing in a dripping trap.
I refocused on the road. I knew someone who might help me find Pritchard. This lady was acquainted with both sides of New Orleans society, upper and under. Delon could wait, his Mortgage Broker’s office in Metairie was easily found.
Once in the city, I took the Elysian Fields exit, and soon was in the French Quarter. It was 2:30 p.m. and Royal, Bourbon and Decatur streets were sardined with tourists. I wanted Madame Maigrèt. Her office was on a quiet part of Burgundy Street, behind a lacquered royal blue door. I found a parking spot right in front. I called this an omen. I opened all the car windows and told Lulu to stay. Soon I was at the blue door. No window, no marker, no sign. But I had a worn card of hers in my fanny pack. It listed her occupation as: Consultant, Voodoo.


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