Monday, October 22, 2012

Buy your good reviews, destroy the opposition

I will vote Up from as many as 10 four and five star reviews and vote Down as many as 10 one and two star reviews on your book listing.  Five $.  A post from "Michael."


Yes indeed, for a bit of cash you can pay someone to give your e book on Amazon a good rating.  Lest you think this is typical US chicanery think again. A little Canadian flag follows Michael's name.

It's all on  Michael is a busy fellow.  For a fee Michael will write a favourable review of your e book for Amazon.  He will purchase your e book cheap and this up your sales figure.  He will create listamania lists with your book as #1.

No doubt there are others on the site offering similar services.  So if you rely on those Amazon rankings or reviews to make your book choice, think again.

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