Saturday, November 24, 2012

I met John Pateman the new Chief Librarian for Thunder Bay at an open house at the Mary J. Black Library.  John was born in Kent, in Britain and he said, he was a "Man of Kent" and not a "Kentish Man." The designation depends on which side of a certain river one was born on.  I love those British customs.

John has a long career in public libraries beginning in 1978 and spanning over 30 years, including his most recent position as Head of Libraries and Inclusion at Lincolnshire County with 48 library locations and 15 mobile libraries. Mr. Pateman has also worked as Head of Libraries and Heritage in Merton, Head of Libraries in Hackney and Library Manager in Westminster.
John is here with his wife and two children.  Welcome all to Thunder Bay.

Librarian Barb Philp and Chief Librarian John Pateman

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