Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Friday, December 7, 2012

Two Poems by Kat Ferrazzo

Book A Disappointment

I wanted more, I wanted what I dreamed of, but
I expected exactly what you gave me.

I should have just said, "you know, its okay, don't bother"
But you wouldn't understand.

 So, as usual, I didn't bother,
I just booked another disappointment.

 Looking back, I see,
there are far too many "I"s
in this statement,

And clearly,
none of them is moving over
for any other letters.

 Next time

I must remember
to leave my name.

Kat Ferrazzo

Susan, Transcendent.
Susan, slaying dragons,
Igniting rainbows,
(levitating bodies at sleep-overs)
Exclaiming ah-ha’s!
Dancing - on the good leg.

Susan, Grand, colourful,
A million words
for a single object,
A universe of stars reflected in your eyes
and flashing across your teeth.
Susanna, evolving, observing,
Enveloping, out-growing…
You were supposed to write the great novel
with passion and fire
from the coals burning deep inside.

Susan, transcendent.
Your soaring spirit finds the light
Where you belong on the stage of the great theatre,
An Angel-Star!

Susan, my Joan – of –Arc,
My Unsinkable – Molly – Brown,
My Amazon warrior.
Spin your tales across the sky!
            And I will write them down for you.
In memoriam, for Susan Foster, June 06, 2011.

Kathryn Ferrazzo has belonged to local choral groups, and Cambrian Players for many years. Still holding down a 9 to 5 job, she recently returned to University part time to complete a BA in philosophy and literature. Herlifelong passion for the written word, and a sworn pledge to a friend whohas passed on, have compelled her to release some of the poetry collecting in the corners.

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