Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Poetry Workshop with Marilyn Dumont

NOWW's E-Writer in Residence, Marilyn Dumont, will give an advanced poetry workshop on Tuesday evening, April 23, 2013 (the 397th anniversary of Shakespeare's death). The workshop will take place in person in Thunder Bay and is also available via internet (details below).

In preparation for this workshop, writers are asked to collect language from an historic era that they are interested in writing about (an ancestor, event in history, etc.). From Marilyn: "the idea is that you generate a repository of language before my workshop. The idea is to be playful, innovative, risk and move into language that one might not get to with one's usual mode of working the creative process." So the expectation would be that workshop participants have already gone through the collection process Marilyn describes, and the focus of the workshop would be on writing.

This exercise would work equally well for collecting language from a different place as opposed to a different time. For example, English is full of words and phrases that are specific to a country, region or community.

The exercise of collecting, expanding and then contracting the repository of language should be useful to anyone interested in writing the past (or present, elsewhere). The workshop itself will focus on writing poetry but serious prose writers should consider participating.

If you are in Thunder Bay
The workshop will take place at 7pm April 23rd at Trinity United Church
30 South Algoma Street , Assembly Hall. Enter via ramp door on Park Ave. across from the Armoury.

If you are notin Thunder Bay
The workshop will take place at 7pm (6pm Central) on Tuesday April 23rd.
Go to:
You should be able to watch and listen to the workshop, and send in your questions or comments using the chat function. Marion Agnew of NOWW will moderate the chat.

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