Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Two Readings; Both Great

Charles Wilkins, adventurer and writer, certainly held his audience as he read from his book which describes his experiences working in a crew  rowing across the Atlantic. He read a chapter from the centre of the book; a chapter that amazed me, not only for the quality writing (that is a given with Charlie) but also for the subject matter. He spoke about but did not emphasize the hardship, the salt sores, the lack of nutritious food, the overwhelming fatigue of rowing every two hours around the clock for fifty-five days,the  storm-filled water-filled days,  the damage to his hands and feet.  Instead he told the story of a bully among the crew, a bully that targeted him. Somehow,  amid the danger and discomfort, Charlie managed to hold his own and eventually garner the man's friendship.   It was an astonishingly vivid and frank piece of writing.

The book will be available in September.  I'll be first in line. .

Marilyn Dumont, our e-writer in residence, read her poetry at Brodie Library on April 22.  Her work deals with her Metis heritage, the Script Commission, the disappearance of the bison, starvation, Riel and Gabriel Dumont. The poetry is stunning. Patricia McGuire also spoke about her heritage and her book, (written with Patricia A. Monture,) First Voices: An Aboriginal Women's Reader.  Afterwards, the audience and the two writers  discussed the Metis experience.  Interesting in spite of the fact that the mic was not used and so a lot was difficult to hear.
First Voices: An Aboriginal Women's Reader and Marilyn Dumont's books of poety are available at the Northern Women's Bookstore.

To read a fuller description of  Charles Wilkin's wild voyage, scroll way way down to the pink labels and click on Charles Wilkins.

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