Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pick of the Week

Faithful Place by Tana French. I always like to hear about a new mystery or thriller. I am looking forward to reading the next LeCarre. I have a couple of Connelley's waiting on the shelf. I'll read the next Evanovich, even if the same characters appear once again. I love an interesting setting, cracking dialogue and an intriguing plot.  A friend advises: "Try Tana French."

Franck Mackey, an undercover cop in Dublin, Ireland, cannot forget his first love, the beautiful Rosie who failed to keep their rendezvous at Faithful Place, set in the Dublin mean streets. They had planned to run off together but Rosie vanished. Twenty years later, her suitcase turns up in an abandoned house.

In this snappy story, the conversation sparks up the page. The setting is definitely down scale.  The pacing carries you on and on and into the tough characters  of Mackey, his friends and family in the old neighbourhood where he grew up.  The book has a grip like a pit bull and doesn't let up  until the end.

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