Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I read at the Calgary launch wearing my Everything is So Political sweat shirt - OK, it was too big but I wore it anyway.

A big thank you to all the reviewers who have made Everything is So Political a success. And a bigger thank you  to all you book buyers and readers who are the reason for the success.

A letter from  Curran Ferris of  Roseway Publishing and Fernwood Publishing  confirms my happiness.

 Dear Joan   We’ve had some excellent reviews come back from Atlantic Books Today, Salty Ink (who actually did a feature on Fran Kimmel’s piece) and the Winnipeg Free Press.  The Halifax Media Co-Op gave it a rave review. We’ve also seen it mentioned on Bella’s Bookshelves, a great literary review blog, and Michelle Butler-Hallett did a great interview on Kate Robbins’ blog, Into the Highland Mist.

The launch in Calgary was really well attended. Though we haven’t seen the final sales numbers for the evening, the book was listed on the Calgary Herald’s bestseller list. It was also featured on the Northern Woman’s Bookstore bestseller list on Open Book Ontario.
I want to share an e mail of the kind that warms a writer's heart.  Michael Donahue wrote: I just wanted to gush how much I loved your story in Everything Is So Political

Grace Street, 1946 was in my top two favourites. I loved how it worked on several levels -- people, race and politics (the union). It's all political, and you bundled it all into one story soooo well!
Wow. Great writing!! Well done.
Thanks Michael so much.

Here are a couple of review examples among many.
Brimming with wild imagination and stunning variety, this is one of those literary anthologies that comes along once in a generation.” - Lee Henderson, short story writer

"a  good collection with a great concept, full of new voices" Salty Ink.
Editor Sandra McIntyre, who is responsible for the Everything is so Political  and its success At Pages Kennsington book shop in Calgary.

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