The Movie is Here in Thunder Bay. Don't Miss it.

The Movie is Here  in Thunder Bay. Don't Miss it.
Indian Horse, the movie based on the book by Richard Wagamese

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Give-Away

Summer is moving to its height, which for me is always the long weekend at the first of August. The holiday without a name.  I know that many of you think of one thing only, - getting out to camp (or cottage) with book or e reader, ready for the deck or patio, the Muskol and sunscreen handy, the coffee or maybe the gin and t.  Or the concoction below.

I tried a new concoction - a jigger of gin, and fill tall glass with half ginger ale and half rhubarb juice.  Delightful and refreshing, And an incentive to clean out the rhubarb patch and boil up the stuff with some sugar to make the juice. PS the juice goes well mixed with orange juice too.

I have two signed copies of Everything is So Political to give away and one copy of Keeping the Peace: stories by the wonderful Colette Maitland.  Both books are treasuries of short stories.  The first three e mails to gets a book .  Just tell us blogsters the name of your favourite summer read and I will send or deliver your book.

Colette Maitland, author of Keeping the Peace

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