Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To The South of Things, English version

Dear Joan,
The Institute of Italian Studies at Lakehead University is launching the English version of international poet Pasqualino Bongiovanni book of poetry "To The South of Things". Everyone is welcome!

It was exactly a year ago that the poet Pasqualino Bongiovanni had just completed a launch in Argentina of the Spanish translation of his book. The English version is having its premier launch in Thunder Bay, then Winnipeg and the GTA.

Bongiovanni's works got many awards in Italy and have been co...mpared with those of the greatest Italian poets of the twentieth century. Bongiovanni's poetry reaches a wider universal breath, which enables him to cross over his own cultural background.

A biography of the poet and his works can be found on the links below.
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132 Algoma Street S. Thunder Bay, ON, Thunder Bay, Ontario

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