Thursday, August 29, 2013

 Little Ship of Fools all at Sea
The long anticipated launch of Charlie Wilkin's Little Ship of Fools: 16 Rowers, 1 Improbable Boat, 3 Tumultuous weeks on the Atlantic will launch in Thunder Bay at the Finn Hall on Thursday, October 24. Ahoy! Below, a review 
“In a thrilling adventure on the high seas, the sexagenarian Wilkins joins a grueling, 3,000-mile expedition across the Atlantic as he and a crew of college rowing alumni, drifters, and philosophers attempt to beat a world record.

After months of training, delays, and financial setbacks, the author and his team embark off the western coast of Morocco on the first ocean-rowing catamaran ever constructed: a 40-foot craft that alternately serves as cozy home, claustrophobic prison, spiritual crucible, and medieval torture device for the 16 souls who call it home.

En route to the Caribbean nation of Barbados, after weeks of malnutrition, illness, injury, spectacular animal encounters, and near-death experiences, the on-board drama escalates into a maritime Lord of the Flies as coups and mutinies threaten the mission -- all deftly narrated with Wilkins' trademark humor and guile. Infused with wit, charm, and a sense of wonder, the playful but epic tale stands as a testament to the human spirit stripped bare by the power of nature.”  by Adam Morgan, Chicago
A Good Day at Sea

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