The Movie is Here in Thunder Bay. Don't Miss it.

The Movie is Here  in Thunder Bay. Don't Miss it.
Indian Horse, the movie based on the book by Richard Wagamese

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Humber School of Writers Coming to Thunder Bay

A few years back, I spent a week at the Humber School of Writers in Toronto. My mentor was - can you believe it - Wayson Choy!  A great teacher, a best selling writer and a fine person.  At Humber,  I met Colette Mailland, Ted Friya, Rona Shaffran, Vivien Silver, Meghan Findlay and other fine writers.  And I learned so much and had a lot of fun too.

Now, the most prestigious writers' school in the province if not the country,  is sending Joseph Kertes to do an intensive weekend workshop, ten hours studying the craft or fiction and non-fiction.

Sharpen your pixels and set the date in stone - November 2 and 3, 2013.
Joseph Kertes

Registration info: check out

or phone Hilary Higgens at 416 675 6622 ext.. 3449

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