Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Launch of Thundering February 25, 2014

Poet Paul Gooding, a contributor to the book.
The launch of the prose and poetry compilation Thundering, produced by the Writers' Circle, took place at Waverley Library and was introduced by writer Dorothy Colby who spoke about the pleasures of reading and writing. She praised the book's beautiful  cover: "this book says 'Read Me!'"

After describing her own reading experiences, Colby turned to the writers present. "Stories are honest. Writing should be honest. You are connecting with others. The best thing about writing is that connection."

Her advice was succinct. 1) Be proud of your work. 2)Be proud of yourself 3) Take your work everywhere and promote it.

editor Michele Tuomi
More pictures
Chair Keith Johnson introduced the author readers, a very interesting and entertaining group. Sandy Moonias, Judith Greencorn and Serena Scott, Paul Gooding, Irene Warmenhoven and Marianne Wahl took over form there.

Irene Warmenhoven, writer

Writer Marianne Wahl

A cake to launch a launch. 

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