Winner of 2017 Giller Prize

Winner of 2017 Giller Prize
Michael Redhill for his novel Bellevue Square

Friday, June 27, 2014

It all starts with story.

Author Rachel Mishenene and her son Jade at launch of The New Smoke Signals: Communication is a Digital World

Every time you wake up the story begins anew. Our lives are a continuous story. Rachel Mishenene wove stories into her book about social media and told us some last night. She also told us a few of her own stories: for example, she used to be called Joanne. Who knew? And along the way, she did a mean imitation of local dialects.

The book, The New Smoke Signals:  Communicating in a Digital World, gives tips and explanations about the most popular social media sites - Twitter, Facebook, Linklin. Written for  adult literary students and launched last night at Waverley Library, the book produced sheer delight in everyone who rifled through the pages.  I note here the illustrations and the general layout were also a delight. The cover is a stand-out.

Rachel and son Jade are off to a new job in Toronto and so her story continues.  Ours ends on a sad note. Thunder Bay will miss her talent, honesty and her warm smile.

Rachel talked about never seeing herself in any of the books, readers and stories she encountered as a child. Northern Woman's Bookstore has a fine selection of Aboriginal stories for native and non-native kids.

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