Thursday, September 4, 2014

Marina Writers Read at the Spirit Garden

Meet local writers Jane Crossman, Donna Faye, Marianne Jones and Jean E. Pendziwol, whose works of poetry and prose are featured at the waterfront on steel signs and granite benches. 

Find out why those selections are meaningful to them, and learn what new projects they have on the go! Hear their stories as you enjoy refreshments, take part in Q & A, and don't forget to buy a signed copy of their books. 

Also for sale that day: The City and the Spirit Garden, a full colour coffee table book about the waterfront redevelopment at Prince Arthur's Landing.

At Marina Park's Spirit Garden, September 28 from 1 - 2 pm. 

Jane Crossman, reading at the Spirit Garden

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  1. Hi again,
    I just sent you a note about Jane Crossman's poem "First Sighting." There were 3 poems that made me stop in my tracks; that one, one of Marianne Jones (I found her websit and sent her an email) and "Homecoming by Donna Faye. As an Italian-American whose coalmining grandpa never did learn English very well, I was stirred by Ms. Faye's piece. Looking out at the lake, and knowing our ancestors travelled an ocean, I was again struck by the enormity of their ambition and determination. Very strong writing; please let her know I have copied it down and will savor it again and again.
    Amy Yanni
    Ft. Myers, FL