Monday, April 6, 2015

I can't believe it! My 42nd Story Published

I can't believe it.

I have just received a copy of The New Orphic Review with my story "The Monument." This is my 42 nd published story/memoir piece. So a big thank you  to Antagonish  Review, Ten Stories High, Prairie Fire, Room, 807, New Orphic, and all the other lit mags who have tossed me into print.. It is always a thrill to see one's story in black and white. And thanks to good friends who have given me good advice and help. No writer can do without the writing group.

The latest story, "The Monument" is a humorous tale of Prime Minister Mackenzie King's adventures  in the 1939 royal tour across Canada. Of course, any story about Mackenzie King is, of necessity. humorous.

I think if I ever get 50 stories published, (if I live so long), I will hire a hall and have a huge celebration! I'll let you know in a few years.

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