Saturday, May 9, 2015

What a Party it Was!

Sue Blott, triple winner

Last night at the Prince Arthur, the 17th Annual Northwestern Ontario Writers' Workshop Awards Party rocked with applause for guest speaker and Kouhi Award winner, Richard Wagamese, the players of a ten-minute winning play called Beaches, and the winners of the annual writing contest. 

Congratulations to all the winners. They are:
1. On An Otherwise Ordinary Day, Sue Blott, Thunder Bay
2. The Cruelty of Nearness, Tristan Khan, Toronto
3. Shirts on the Clothesline, Sharon Irvine, Thunder Bay

Young Adult Fiction
1. Roundabout, Sue Blott, Thunder Bay
2. Fashion Show, Roy Blomstrom, Thunder Bay
3. Best Friends Forever, Sue Blott, Thunder Bay

Creative Non-fiction
1. Confession in the Time of Social Media, Susan Rogers, Thunder Bay
2. Out to Lunch, Sharon Irvine, Thunder Bay
3. Ringo, Cindy Matthews, Chesley, ON.

1. Still Life with Baby, Joan Baril, Thunder Bay
2. Connections, John Pringle, Atikokan
3.The Boy Who Wasn't There, Heather L. Dickson, Thunder Bay.

Cathi Grandfield, one of the contest organizers, announced the names of the winners and read short selections from work of first prize winners. 

Stay tuned for more photos, interviews etc.

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