Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tia Lunn, poet, and winner of Young Adult Writing Competition at the Pride Literary Evening

You and Us and Them

Award winning poem by Tia Lunn. Tia is a grade 11 student at Westgate High School.

You speak like April's wind promises July's.
With your unpredictable hair and star-glazed eyes
I've never met anyone more honest in their idealizations
You've got me believing more unbelievable stories each minute.
Your heart is so big that sometimes I get lost in it
And I hope you don't mind that I've stayed,
Even if sometimes I get cut with the scalpel blade when
They start to dissect you into different parts.
Easier syllables they can swallow through hollow teeth,
Shape your name to fit better in their nervous hearts
Call you "phase" call you "experiment" call you anything but you what you are,
Hoping to sear a scar for when we're older but
I cannot stand anyone trying to melt you into any other mold
No other shape could do justice to your gold.
We're beyond anything that they ever could have thought,
And sweetheart you are so much more than anything you're not.
You are more than sugar and spice and everything nice,
You are crop tops and skirts and button down shirts,
Black boots and eyeliner that matches the colour of my smile
When I tell my friends you can play any instrument,
And you're quick to shout out that's not true,
And it could be I'm wrong
But I swear that you do,
From the sound of the song that you orchestrate in my chest
On the days when I feel like an empty theatre,
You are a million piece band,
The baseline in my pulse moving through me when you take my hand,
And I know you're and artist so I hope you understand,
When I paint my red lips across your face
Let them see the stain, know I'm saving my place.

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