Friday, August 7, 2015

Launch of Entropic by R.W.Gray

Robbie Gray loves Thunder Bay. "People here buy books," he says. And last night they also listened to the first story in his new book, Entropic.  As Susan Goldman, chair of the launch, pointed out: the word entropic means "tending toward chaos."  Indeed. The story Robbie read, called "Blink" describes a strange relationship. The girlfriend is able to erase all her flaws. She retires to a secret room and makes herself perfect. Mmmm. However, her boyfriend finds the room. As the title says, tending toward chaos.

In spite of the happy smile, and the friendly cheery demeanour, Gray has a wicked brain. In another story, a gay couple meet what appears to be younger versions of themselves. See what I mean.

Gray's stories have been described as risky, edgy, erotic, subversive, macabre, loopy, daring and just plain strange.  I especially liked his lively and slightly off beat style. He used the most exhilarating adjectives I have ever encountered.

Great reading at Calico's to an appreciative audience. Thanks R. W.

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