Spain Remembers

Spain Remembers

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Winter Poems by Martin Hicks


Sandals in the winter-time old
Prophet wore to shield tired feet,
Useless for grim frozen clime, cold
Heavy-wet, white-burdened street.

Under leather grey socks showed
Grimy toenail poked hole through.
When eyes widened and locks flowed
Stares askance curb-curious drew.

Topcoat full length hung as cape loose
Without arms put into sleeves:
Madman's mantle, sable drape long,
Style matched darkly one who grieves.

Personage by warmth taught new birth
Heedless of the current drift,
Stated present season's true worth.
Patience ripened, extra gift.

Tossed in drop-in church together,
Faithful asked, “Why Jesus boots?”
Straightway seer said, “I search weather,
Makes soles needed on burnt routes

Once heat visits snow-clogged climate.”
Foretold chapped lips optimistic,
“Zodiac and screen-blogged claim it.
Hence worn footwear, realistic

For when bright bud bursts in flower,
Bird trills porch and patio,
Kind beams frigid forms empower,
Music fills land, sterio.”

Sage remarked Spring seemed delayed here
Yet claimed solstice still neared site.
Such pronouncement briefly stayed fear.
Six months later words proved right!

-Martin Hicks


In city park stands fountain frozen
French student passing called fontaine.
My guess, last keeper here had chosen
To leave with wage and not maintain.

Ice arcs spout out of every nozzle
Since hid tap no hand turned to drain.
Around, about, keen motes bedazzle.
Behind, slate sky contrasts pink stain.

Fortuitous, last gardener's blunder
Flares pyrotechnics, unrehearsed;
For viewers awesome vitreous wonder.
Oh, surely, unseen pipes have burst!

Composed streams pose in air arrested
Now it's four weeks beyond December,
Surpass spell story-book suggested,
Great stuff of fairy-tales-remember?

Glaze glints once water, winter glimmer
Alights dull church and rectory-
Fantastic, unmoved, moving shimmer,
Whole high and wide trajectory!

A warm-dressed couple stroll together
Beside those jets from granite base;
See each direction shoots arched feather,
White-frosted edges spread frond grace!

Soon stony mood-gem feelings alter
As ever-changing hues enchant,
Until dusk's weakened glanced rays falter.
Hard wish is soft scene stays-but can't.

Sent curves are straightway lines extended
So caught Experience-still-might last
More hours than Happenstance intended,
Freeze-frame bright Present from dark Past.

Conclusion comes, as when cold started,
Where sapphire astericks fondly wink;
Conveys most clearly Truth imparted
While sight font-thirty eyes both drink:

Arrangement, catch bouquet mid-motion,
Clutch close glass flowers until they melt.
Would Beauty, Wisdom, crystal notion
Pause thus so Mind learns Love heart-felt.

-Martin Hicks

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